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Penetration Testing Tools: In Hackers’ Hands New Modlishka Tool is a Cyber Security Threat

Apr 25, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Jennifer Valle, Director of Marketing and Operations posted in cyber security, penetration testing, phishing, multi-factor authentication, Modlishka


Can Overcome Multi-factor Authentication and Enable Phishing

As a basic element of cyber security programs, penetration testing is standard protocol for detecting possible IT network vulnerabilities. There are many penetration testing tools available that simulate hacker attacks to discover cracks in firewalls and other defenses. Developers are constantly building new tools to keep up with evolving threats and the measures put in place to avert them.

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Standardized Multi-factor Authentication Just Became a Reality

Apr 17, 2019 12:15:35 PM / by Liege Payne, Director of Sales & Business Development posted in Security, cyber security, U2F, multi-factor authentication


Tech Group The FIDO Alliance Is Leading Us to a Password-free Internet, Greater Security

What Is It?

One of the greatest fears today is that hackers will steal the passwords we use to access social, banking and other sites where we must register to take advantage of their features and offerings and steal our data. The threat for businesses – especially regulated entities – is that employees will fall for password-centric schemes, like phishing, that can compromise a company’s entire IT network. Better days are here – and even better ones are ahead.

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