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Bezos Phone Hack Shows It Can Happen to Anyone – Here’s How to Protect Your Business

Feb 18, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Liege Payne, Director of Sales & Business Development posted in Mobile Device Management (MDM), MDM, cyber security, BYOD, corporate security


Consider Training and Mobile Device Management to Safeguard Employee Devices

No doubt you’ve heard the big cyber security news story that broke last month – back in 2018, the iPhone belonging to Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos was allegedly hacked when he clicked a video sent through WhatsApp by Saudi Crown Prince. The video was supposedly infected with malware, which then allowed the hackers access to the leaked data on Bezos’ phone over several months.

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The BYOD Dilemma: Corporate Security vs Employee Privacy

Jun 7, 2019 3:16:29 PM / by Eric Benda, CEO posted in MaaS360, ManageEngine, BYOD, CYOD, COPE, corporate security, employee privacy


BYOD Issues Driving Changes to Device Management Strategy

Over a number of years, the practice of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become commonplace in companies of all sizes. Employees have been granted permission to let their personal devices double for work – phones, tablets and laptops. BYOD evolved out of employee discontent with having to carry two phones or with finding themselves needing emails or files at home that were on an office computer. Companies began adopt BYOD policies. But those decisions are having unanticipated impacts. In today’s tense cyber security environment, pure and simple, BYOD makes it impossible to maintain a secure network. Mobile device management (MDM) software has been developed in an effort to secure company data on private devices. However, MDM can compromise user privacy. So, we end up needing ways to balance corporate security and employee privacy.

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