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Special Offer: Free Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment Available to New STG Customers

Jul 30, 2018 3:50:44 PM / by Eric Benda, CEO

External Scan Is First Step to Protecting Financial Firms’ Client Data/Assets, Enhancing Reputation

We’re introducing an important offer for new and prospective customers – a complimentary Cyber Security Network Vulnerability Assessment. This offer addresses the critical need for financial services companies to be able to demonstrate proactive efforts to assure the security of their technology networks. Read on to learn why we’ve decided to do this and to get more details about the offer.

It seems impossible to go even a week without reading about a company, a government, an organization that has been hacked. Think Target, Experian, the U.S. 2016 elections -- to name just a few high-profile incidents. Every day the news is full of stories about the growing threats to cyber security.

For our clients in the financial services world, cyber threats have special implications. As regulated entities, their technology environments face particular scrutiny by the SEC and OCIE. However, more important, the subject of cyber security is crucial to attracting and retaining investor assets today.

Network Security – More than Just a Box to Check

For example, consider that large pension funds seeking to diversify their investments may interview many hedge funds. In the past, a solid investment strategy and good yields were enough to win the assets. No more. Since 2015 when the SEC and OCIE introduced cyber security guidelines, the investor community has taken note.

Network security is no longer just a box to check. It can be critical to growing and/or retaining AUM. That pension fund auditor is going to delve into what your firm is doing to protect investor data and assets from hacker attacks. Chances are that if you can’t provide evidence that you take ongoing steps to assess and correct vulnerabilities, those assets are going to a competitor – your financial results notwithstanding.

Too often we’ve received last minute calls from firms asking whether we can help them address auditor concerns. In an effort to help companies that have not significantly addressed cyber security to be more proactive, we developed the Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment as a first step for them.

For companies that have already invested in mobile device management, firewalls, anti-virus/malware software and other security tools, it’s an opportunity to get an outside assessment of how well these efforts are working. Every day there are new threats and patches for them developing. Cyber Security is not a one and done, but an ongoing effort. Our Vulnerability Assessment will get you –or keep you moving -- on the path.

What’s the Offer?

The Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment consists of:

  • External Scan – Up to 5 IPs – to assess basic vulnerabilities in your systems.
  • Raw Data Report provided upon completion via secure email
  • 30-minute phone consultation to discuss implications (within 5 days of report delivery)
  • Special confidentiality agreement
  • Secure information exchange throughout the process

When we perform such an external scan for our customers, the cost can be from $1500 to $2000. The follow-up report and consultation can run another $500 to $1000. Those who take advantage of our free offer will have the opportunity to pick both my brain and that of our Business Development Director Liege Payne. You can ask us questions about both the assessment and any other issues you’d like to explore.

We can talk about how to handle any mitigation indicated in the assessment – whether by your in-house IT staff, another outsourced vendor, or by us. We can also discuss what a realistic plan for post-mitigation and further periodic scans might look like.

Beyond the monetary value of the assessment and our expertise, you’ll have taken an important step toward gaining peace of mind. I know that I sleep better knowing that our networks, email, phones and firewall are configured properly, that anti-virus software is up-to-the-minute and that we and our customer data are secure from outside threats. We wish nothing less for you.



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Eric Benda, CEO

Written by Eric Benda, CEO