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Announcing a New eBook: 16 Essential Tips for Successful Technology Relocation

Aug 1, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Eric Benda, CEO

Business Continuity Management When You Move Offices; Download for Free

Lately, we’ve been helping at least one company per week with technology relocation as they move offices. Most, in line with some recent studies, are moving to accommodate growth. In fact, we are one of the companies we moved just a couple of weeks ago to accommodate our own growth. So, office technology relocation is top of mind for us in more ways than one.

When we’re called in for this purpose, our most critical objective is business continuity management. Beyond technology, office moves involve significant complexity. We’ve seen well-planned and well-implemented moves go flawlessly, with an absolute minimum of downtime. And we’ve seen some disasters. To help ensure many more of the former than the latter, we decided to share our experience in this arena in a new ebook, “16 Essential Tips for Successful Technology Relocation.” If a move is in your future, which according to statistics it will likely be, you can download the ebook for free.

The tips provide business continuity management info step-by-step – from planning, to employee and customer communications, to the actual physical move of technology and furnishings. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Build an effective relocation team
  • Maintain data security and protect equipment
  • Avoid issues related to unexpected timing changes
  • Recognize opportunities a move provides for improving systems and productivity

Regarding the third bullet point, although the tips address relocating phone systems, some companies we’ve worked with have used their moves to switch from an on-site system to a web-based voice communications service, avoiding the cost and limitations of re-cabling phones in the new location. We’ll be addressing this topic more thoroughly in future posts. Here it provides a good example of how positive changes associated with a move can counterbalance the inherent disruption that accompanies change.

The point of our 16 tips is to minimize disruption and smooth out any bumps in the relocation road. We’re settling into our new offices after a move that had us up and running with virtually no downtime. It allowed our team to immediately begin enjoying the comfort of more space and amenities we didn’t enjoy in our old location, while continuing to support our customers without missing a beat. We hope that “16 Essential Tips for Successful Technology Relocation” will help your move be a smooth and seamless experience.

Download eBook:  16 Essential Tips for Successful Technology Relocation

If you’d like to speak with Soundshore Technology Group’s technology relocation experts, send an email to sales@soundshore.net. We’ll be happy to help. While you’re here, please take a look at a growing STG service area – cyber security services – as we help more and more companies defend themselves against very real and increasing cyberattack threats.


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Eric Benda, CEO

Written by Eric Benda, CEO