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Announcing a Free eBook of Critical Importance to Your Company: 4 Business Continuity Planning Essentials

Jun 4, 2019 1:32:24 PM / by Eric Benda, CEO

Disaster Can Strike Any Company. What to Consider for Your Disaster Recovery Plan

It blows us away how many companies totally ignore the need for a business continuity and disaster recovery plan. We all like to hope for the best and chances are our companies will never experience a disaster that impedes our operations, shuts down our ability to do business for days or weeks on end, or harms our employees and our customers. But these days, chances are better that they will.

Think about it. Navigation on a critical stretch of the Mississippi River was closed recently due to unprecedented flooding. And, whether you believe in man-made climate impacts or not, floods are frequently hitting towns, their residents and businesses around the nation after double-digit inches of rainfall that seem to be happening at a rate that we don’t recall as the norm. And hurricane season 2019 is almost upon us. I remember Super Storm Sandy – not actually categorized as a hurricane – that knocked out electricity and shut down so many businesses here in the New York metro area where we’re headquartered.

And in parts of the country away from the east and Gulf coasts, tornadoes and earthquakes can strike at any time of year. Not to mention leaks and fires in office buildings, factories, warehouses and shopping centers. Also, disasters can include product recalls or serious, negative product impacts to consumers (think Boeing 737 Max.) Or, if you read this blog on any regular basis, you’ll already know that cyber attacks like phishing, malware and ransomware can compromise your data as well as client data and, in the case of our regulated, financial services clients, their clients’ assets.

Thinking about disaster events is surely unpleasant. But thinking about disasters and planning for them is empowering and just might save your company’s reputation and bottom line.

If your company has done nothing, or not enough, about building a business continuity and disaster recovery plan, please do the business a big favor and download the eBook now.

You’ll find helpful information about building a business continuity and disaster recovery plan in four key areas:

  • Employee safety and communications
  • Keeping customers in the loop
  • Enabling IT uptime (Who can risk downtime in a connected economy?)
  • Keeping business moving

Regarding the last bullet point, you’ll learn about some affordable, new options for small-to-midsize-businesses that you’ll be glad to know about. One of these is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Here at Soundshore, we partner with DATTO, the leading DRaaS innovator and provider, to bring these services to our customers. We’re sharing the eBook with you in collaboration with DATTO and believe you’ll find it enlightening.

That said, there are complexities in business continuity and disaster recovery planning that are mentioned in the eBook, but where you’ll do well to seek some expert consulting to help you understand how to craft a plan specific to your company’s size and needs. Every company is different with regard to this critical area of planning. There are best practices, but no cookie cutter solutions.

If you’d like to speak with Soundshore Technology Group’s business continuity and disaster recovery experts, please send an email to sales@soundshore.net. We’ll be happy to help.

Download your free eBook here!



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Eric Benda, CEO

Written by Eric Benda, CEO