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A New Guide to Microsoft Office 365 Security and Compliance: Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Jan 22, 2019 1:49:13 PM / by STG Blogger

End Unintended Consequences of Improper Set-up, Lacks in Monitoring and Cyber Security Training

We’re pleased to introduce our new – and complimentary – Guide to Microsoft Office 365 Security and Compliance.

As a Microsoft Office 365 partner, it was important to us to create this guide. Many of our clients are in regulated industries and have legal compliance concerns. We confidently provide many of them with Office 365. Not only is it a powerful productivity tool, but also Microsoft seriously addresses security in its products.

Depending on the version of Office 365 you’re using there will be some built-in security features. Others are available as add-ons at an additional cost. There are tools for physical, logical and data security, as well as admin and user controls. These include capabilities for mobile device management, threat management, data protection and limiting or authenticating user access.

Where there are gaps – for example in auditing user compliance with company security policies in some versions of Office 365 – we seek out partners to provide additional security services. Manage Engine is a developer of security solutions for Office 365 with whom we partner to assure ongoing security and compliance for our clients. In the guide, you’ll learn more about what we work on together.

The reason our guide is important is not due to inherent issues with Office 365 products. It’s important because of the way businesses use Office 365 – or fail to use it. Getting the most out of Office from a security perspective isn’t automatic. It depends on your business whether feature defaults will do the trick, or whether another option will serve you better.

The guide covers three areas where office users may inadvertently leave themselves open to security risk:

  • Proper set-up
  • Ongoing monitoring/auditing of user security compliance
  • Cyber security training for users

You’ll learn some basics that will at minimum make you aware of what you may need to revisit if you’re already using Office 365. If you’re planning to adopt this tool, you’ll have a solid roadmap for getting off to a good start and then for using it safely going forward.

You can download the Guide to Microsoft Office 365 Security and Compliance here for free.


If you would like to discuss your Office 365 set-up and other issues, please contact Liege Payne at 203.863.8922 or lpayne@soundshore.net.

As you’ll learn in the guide, here at Soundshore Technology Group we are passionate about the importance of cyber security training. Following are links to several recent blog posts where we address training for various cyber security threats.

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