Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning

A disaster recovery plan (Business Continuity Plan) is becoming a necessity for most businesses for either regulatory reasons or because clients are demanding to see one. Over the years we have seen 3 reasons why disaster recovery plans fail or fail to meet the needs of the client:

  1. Non-existent DR Plan. Company has no plan in place or is relying on a simple backup tape.
  2. Shortsighted DR Plan. Company has a vague plan in place that usually involves taking a backup tape or disk to someone's home to work and possibly restoring it to an old PC or Server.
  3. Outdated DR Plan. Company once had a reasonable DR Plan in place but changes to the business, software used and overall company needs have made the existing plan obsolete.

A good DR plan is thought out, tested frequently and updated for changes in the business regularly. We can audit your companies IT needs, create a workable, certifiable Disaster Recovery solution, test it regularly and update your plan as changes occur.


A solid, tested disaster recovery plan is a necessity for virtually any business — but it's imperative when you work in financial services. Our staff will audit your company's IT needs, and consult with you to create workable, certifiable Disaster Recovery solution that meets all regulatory compliance requirements.

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