Conference Room Integrated Solutions

Video and web conferencing are powerful tools for businesses, providing new ways to bring people together from multiple locations to share information. By providing an efficient, low cost and more personal means to stay in touch with clients and remote offices, video and web conferencing allow you to:

  • Communicate faster and collaborate more easily
  • Lower costs with reduced travel
  • Make decisions faster and increase productivity
  • Participate in important meetings without leaving your office
  • Maintain better, more trusting working relationships with peers and clients by communicating through eye contact and body language.

From educational training sessions to quarterly results calls and product demonstrations, the uses for videoconferencing are endless, and the benefits are clear.

Turnkey Video Conferencing Solutions

At STG, our turnkey installation services take the confusion out of videoconferencing, ensuring that you get the right solution for your needs. We offer several options, from the desktop to the conference room. In addition to Polycom's full line of videoconferencing systems, STG can provide a wide range of customized solutions and services, including:

  • Videoconference Room Systems
    From standard videoconferencing systems to fully customized and integrated solutions.
  • Desktop Videoconferencing Systems
    These solutions offer remote users and offices a vital video connection to the main office and clients.
  • Videoconferencing Cart Rental Systems
    These simple videoconferencing systems can easily be deployed to accommodate virtually any location for conferences and meetings.
  • Web Conferencing
    These solutions can facilitate collaboration with a wide range of interactive features, including presentation viewing, application sharing, polling, and white boarding for brainstorming.
  • Videoconferencing Services Support, management and monitoring of all types of videoconferencing endpoints are available through STG.

STG provides consulting, sales, installation, training, service and support with all videoconferencing solutions.

Financial Services

For businesses in financial services, videoconferencing offers a valuable way to reach out to clients and analysts, communicate with investors and deliver advanced training. For everyday meetings, this technology can bridge the gap between remote offices, while reducing unproductive travel time. By helping staff attend classes held in a remote location, videoconferencing can also provide a simple way to facilitate training, and help employees gain and maintain their professional certifications.

 From quarterly town halls to annual shareholder meetings, videoconferences allow you to share information more effectively when it matters most.


Videoconferencing is quickly becoming an integral part of the modern day classroom as an ever-increasing number of schools, colleges and universities successfully adopt the technology. Videoconferencing can be used to facilitate distance learning, while enabling the sharing of ideas and programs between classrooms schools and school districts and beyond.

As schools grapple with the challenges of rising fuel costs and shrinking budgets, more innovative uses of videoconferencing have also emerged. Visiting a museum or national monument can now be as simple as setting up a "virtual field trip," facilitated through a videoconference link. Videoconferencing offers a valuable gateway to the world, allowing students to experience and interact with others across the globe or across the street.


With limited travel budgets across all industries, business customers are looking for more value from their conference and travel budgets. The result is an increasing demand for hotels to offer videoconferencing services for everything from small meetings to large events.

Whether your guests need videoconferencing for an hour or several days, the ability to accommodate their needs will result in higher guest satisfaction and retention. STG offers a wide range of videoconferencing options, from the meeting room to the guest's suite.

Contact us today to learn more about how your organization can benefit from videoconferencing.