Virtual CTO


STG acts as the Virtual Chief Technology Officer for our clients, consulting on, and implementing, all facets of the client’s technology. The STG team is comprised of technology, finance, and personnel experts to guarantee that all of our clients' outsourced IT solutions are available and reliable.

Customized Solutions

STG functions as our clients' in-house IT department. The greatest advantage of having a Virtual CTO is receiving "in-house" benefits, without the extra costs and complexities. With this differentiation, we distinguish ourselves through the level of care and attention that we provide; we ensure that our clients receive appropriate and effective solutions. Therefore, as a Virtual CTO, we offer nothing less than customized solutions and a complete range of services to each of our clients on an as-need basis. Please see below for the scope of what a Virtual CTO could do for you.  

STG IT Services:

  • Setting up and maintaining software on PCs and Mobile Devices
  • Configuring and managing networks for optimal performance
  • Remote monitoring and testing of DR servers and data back-ups
  • Support and maintenance of trading and operations applications, websites, newsfeeds and internet-related applications
  • Ordering and provisioning any necessary hardware, software and network upgrades
  • Installation and maintenance of video conferencing equipment
  • Management of third-party IT vendors
  • Coordination of office build-outs and moves
  • 24/7/365 coverage

IT Plans: Flexible & Adaptable 

Unlike the rigid structure of an in-house IT department, STG (as a Virtual CTO) can provide support as required, or dictated, by a client's specific needs. If your firm doesn't require a full-time IT support team, we can work with you to identify your needs and create a flexible plan to provide appropriate support. As the needs of your firm shift and change, we will too. Our support plans are always adaptable, and we are happy to shift our levels of support in accordance with the needs and demands of your firm.

Fixed Price Plans

As a Virtual CTO, we are able to offer our clients fixed-price Maintenance Plans. Our fixed-price plans do include a primary engineer, assigned specifically to an account, who is dedicated to learning, understanding and supporting a given client's business systems and IT needs. In addition, a supporting team of engineers is also assigned to provide additional support and coverage to ensure optimal functioning. Whether it be a server upgrade or helpdesk task, our fixed-price plans will provide you with the coverage and support that you need.

IT Staffing Services

As your Virtual CTO, STG even offers a full range of staffing offerings, including: temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct placement services. Hiring people is easy, but hiring the right people is a challenge. STG offers staffing solutions for individual positions, like hard-to-find help desk positions, all the way through to full IT teams. With guaranteed staffing from your Virtual CTO, we ensure that you have the right people in place.

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