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Network performance, security and backups are critically important for financial services firms. They're simply not something you can afford to leave to chance. STG's network consultants offer a full range of network services and the highest level of expertise to ensure that your network is always secure and available. And with our in-depth understanding of regulatory compliance requirements, you can be sure your firm is covered on all regulations, from SEC to FINRA.


  • Collocation Services
  • Cloud Computing
  • Network and Security
  • Storage Management


STG offers premier collocation hosting services with several flexible solutions to meet your firm's needs. Our professionally managed co-location service allows you to store your primary or redundant infrastructure, including computing, network and storage systems, in one of our secure Tier 3 data centers. All of our data centers offer redundant internet connections, fiber optic links, battery backup and generator backup power. STG can also set up collocation servers for even the most geographically disperse IT infrastructure. With our expert advice and service, you can ensure you are set up with rack space in any area of the country.

Media Rotation Services

STG offers complete media rotation services ensure your backup media is safely stored for the retention period you specify. We come to your office on a regular basis to rotate your media (tapes, hard disks, optical disks), and move them to our secure, offsite, climate-controlled storage facility. We retain historical backup tapes and media for the retention period specified by the client, ensuring you meet all archiving requirements.

Network Monitoring

When your network is down, business is put on hold — a critical issue for any organization. With STG's network monitoring services, you can be aware of what is going on with systems before problems arise. STG can set up remote or onsite Network Monitoring (SNMP, NetFlow, etc.) of your critical servers, routers, batteries, environmental information (AC, humidity, flooding), generators and more. In the case of a service anomaly, automatic alerts can be sent to you or to STG's trained staff of professionals, and actions can be scripted to deal with certain issues.

Contact us today to learn more about how your organization can benefit from our managed services. We can assess your specific issues and draft a plan to address them.