Do you need a data hostage negotiator?

Cyber Security Services: Do You Need

A Data Hostage Negotiator?


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Cyber attacks that breach your network and freeze your data until you pay the hackers a ransom to unlock them have grown 55 percent since 2016. Ninety percent of managed service providers like Soundshore Technology Group expect these attacks to continue growing at this pace greater for the foreseeable future.

Between the ransoms (which can run to six figures), downtime, and compliance issues, our financial services and other regulated clients cannot afford to be vulnerable. So we created this free guide to help avoid and/or manage ransomware attacks.

Download the guide to learn:

  • Why today's epidemic of ransom ware attacks is grossly under-reported
  • How they happen; What's the best defense against these kinds of attacks
  • What to do if your data is attacked
  • When you should call in a data hostage negotiator and how they help
  • How to beef up your cyber security program to avoid accidentally enabling an attack

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