Why STG?

STG provides you with the complete services of an in-house IT department, without the complexities and costs of having one

Financial Experts

Soundshore's seasoned staff understands the unique requirements of the highly-regulated financial services industry. In addition to a deep appreciation of industry best practices and trends, as well as SEC and FINRA requirements, our staff has first-hand experience working with the financial services software you rely on. From Reuters and Bloomberg, to Advent's Moxy and Axys, our technicians bring financial saavy and understanding to all of our clients. 

Technology Experts

We have the best technicians in the industry working to keep our clients' technology up and running 24/7, 365 days a year. Our knowledgeable, dedicated IT staff can access and evaluate your needs, both on and off site, to create customized, effective solutions— every time. In addition to monitoring and maintaining infastructure, our technicians are always available to guide our clients through upgrades, modifications, remediations and support of existing systems.

Personnel Experts

Hiring an IT team is easy, but finding the right people to be a part of that team is much more difficult. With an average staff tenure of over six years, our clients feel confident in the longevity of their STG team. Our clients don't feel the strain of meeting new faces every few weeks, or the stress of ensuring that all parties are well-informed. STG dedicates as much time is needed to ensure that the right IT team is matched for the client and job.

Onsite Daily

STG is onsite daily. We don't limit our visits to the scope of work, we'll be there when it counts— from regularly scheduled service calls to system remediation, and everything in between. We make sure to resolve issues before they even happen.

We're Where You Are 

STG has staff dedicated to particular locations across the country. This not only ensures that our clients have teams committed to their geographical area, but it guarentees our response times. 

Fixed Price

Fixed Price = Proactive Maintenance

Many IT service providers benefit from client problems, charging fees and changing pricing when things go wrong. STG works according to a fixed price, which means it's in our best interest to keep things going right.

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